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Adult Labs & PuppyOne of the most important things you can do to ensure a long, healthy life for your lab is to feed correctly. That means to feed healthy foods and avoid harmful ingredients completely.

Your dog's health and future depends on you becoming informed about the pros and cons of different types of meals. You have the responsibility of selecting the best foods for your furry pal and your dog is completely dependent on what you decide. 

Home-cooked meals and/or a RAW diet is the most biologically appropriate food for your canine companion. Plus they are much easier and more economical than most people believe. But let's look at some of the reasons why you should consider feeding your furbaby this way.

Have you read the ingredient list on most prepackaged kibble available in stores? Most of the big name kibbles in the store contain corn as the #1 or #2 ingredient. Did you know that the majority of dogs cannot digest corn at all? That corn simply passes through their system as big, stinky poop. You are paying hard-earned money to get nastier fecal matter.

So why do pet food manufacturers include corn as an ingredient? Simple...MONEY! 

Including corn allows manufacturers to inflate the amount of protein they can claim (even though the dog does NOT benefit from that protein) and corn is a CHEAP FILLER INGREDIENT.

There are even more dangers associated with corn in kibble, including aflatoxins that have actually killed helpless pets.

Generally, the #1 or #2 ingredient in commercial kibbles is something known as "meat meal". This generally includes parts of animals not suitable for human consumption, including road kill and dead shelter pets, which are then rendered into a soupy mixture that can be formed into kibble. In fact, recent research has shown that many kibbles contain traces of the actual drugs used to euthanize the animals included in the "meat meal".

Is it any wonder that statistics show that one-in-four dogs are getting cancer at a much younger age? And the statistics (one-in-two) are even worse for senior dogs.

There are many other ingredients in commercial kibble that can damage long and short-range health in your canine companion.

Do your research and become informed about healthier diet alternatives for your pet. At our rescue we feed a combination of home-cooked and a RAW diet. It is super easy and much less expensive than store bought kibble. And as a bonus, our dogs routinely live to 16 to 20 years of age.

You can do it and your lab will thank you!