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Cherishing Your Senior Lab

Senior Labrador RetrieverAs your senior lab ages, tell-tale signs of gray & white hairs appear around the muzzle and above the eyebrows. This is just another indicator that other changes are taking place inside as well. Stiffness of the joints and rising in a much-slower manner is something that aging dogs and humans share. And just as there are ways to make an elder person more comfortable, so too can we help our aging dogs.

We've already discussed feeding only food that is healthy for your dog. It is also important to maintain the proper muscle and weight for your companion. Obesity can be life-shortening for your lab and adds even more painful weight to aging joints.

Dental care is important throughout your dog's life and daily tooth brushing is a good habit to start at a young age. If there is an unpleasant odor coming from your senior lab's mouth this is something that should be attended to promptly with a visit to the vet. Healthy dental chews are also valuable and enjoyable for dogs of all ages.

Try to help your senior stay as active as possible with daily exercise and walks. Mobility is important to a dog's happiness. We have numerous friends who have utilized CBD oil for their senior's arthritis pain with good results. We think it is something worth exploring.

Probably one of the best investments you can make for your senior lab (other than healthy food and regularly-scheduled vet visits) is an orthopedic pet bed. Comfortable sleep is a huge benefit to your pet's well-being and aging bones.

Likewise, replacing your senior's dog collar with a harness can ease the pressure and strain of pulling on the neck during walks. This is a great tip no matter what age your dog is!

Finally, it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your senior dog cool during warm weather and warm during cold seasons, as the thermo-regulatory mechanisms in dogs becomes less effective, just like in elderly humans.

A warm coat, sweater and blankets can make your senior canine companion much more comfortable during winter's chill.

We wish you and your senior much sweetness and enjoyment of your years together. May they be as long as possible.