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Training for Labrador Puppies

Lab PuppiesThis is the first post in our series about puppy training. We trust that you've already purchased all of the supplies you need for your new puppy: food, collar, leash, water & food dishes,  chew toys, grooming supplies, odor remover, bedding and possibly a crate. You might also want to have Puppy Training Pads available.

Before you bring your new puppy home you need to talk with all the members of your family who will care for and interact with the new dog. Everyone needs to be clear about who will have responsibility for each specific care of the new puppy.

Preparation and consistent follow-through can mean the difference between a well-trained and pleasant playful and loyal companion...or a destructive and out-of-control burden.

This helpful advice comes from WebMD: "... take time to create a vocabulary list everyone will use. If Mom says "down" when Puppers climbs on the couch, Dad says "down" when he wants him to lie down, and Junior utters "sit down" when he expects the pup's rear to hit the floor, the result will be one confused dog! Putting the schedule and vocabulary list in writing prevents confusion and will help dog walkers, nannies, and others involved in raising Puppers."

Please understand that your new puppy WANTS to please you. If you give clear, consistent instructions, you will soon have a well-behaved canine member of your family. The secret is to be alert and vigilant, offering lots of praise when your puppy does what you want but NEVER punish your pup because they did something you didn't prepare and watch for.

In this first post, we want to simply give you some advice that we have found useful through our years of rescue. Whenever your pup comes near you, always scratch him/her under the chin, rather than patting on the head. This will train your pup to always come to you with head held high, able to follow your instructions properly, instead of hanging their head down & looking at the floor. 

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